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AN means “If”. The artistry of “If …” . Why “If …” ? Because “If …” and it all starts. A hypothesis like a dream, will power, imagination or wonder generates thoughts which lead to ideas. These ideas in their turn define character, personality and thesis of everyone, on how to stand or make a difference -even just a little bit – in our world.

We make hypothesis all the time in our life, but the hypothesis of Art -potentially- shows us the way, express the expressionless, entertains, troublesome, or provide solutions, shapes and nurtures the soul and spirit, presents new perspectives, reminds us that we are human beings. We have started our own “hypothesis” in Art and Culture. So “AN (If)” you want, follow us in this dream.

Historical data

AN ART ARTISTRY is located in the historic district of Plaka (Athens – Greece). Plaka is the oldest district of Athens with a centuries – old history. Starting from ancient times, passing the Byzantine era and the years of Ottoman rule, reaches the beautiful and romantic years of so – called “Belle Époque”, to come in today. This area of Old Athens, below the Parthenon and Acropolis, still retains the charm of the past. Maybe that’s why still attracts the visitors of Plaka to walk “uphill Plaka”.

We operate in a renovated historic building that was a meeting place of great personalities of the Greek Spirit and Art as the painter Andreas Kristallis, the actor Emilios Veakis, the soprano Alexandra Trianti, the poet Kostas Varnalis. Apart from the rare architectural and decorative elements, such as they were rescued by the end of the 19th century, our goal is to preserve and even rekindle a spark from the flame of the spirit of such personalities.

What we do

AN ART ARTISTRY is a private Cultural Centre and a company that provides cultural activities and artistic productions services. We host activities of people who grapple with culture and art, creating the conditions to promote artistic creation and to provide opportunities for expression where they are needed. Particular attention is being given, to create and to give opportunities to young artists (first and foremost in mind), visual artists, painters, musicians, singers, poets, writers, actors, etc. and to promote their products.

Some of our activities are: free reading library, artistic exhibitions, events like concerts, children’s or not performances, book presentations, poetry and literary readings, press conferences, meetings of artists, small conferences, seminars and master classes, events to support charitable causes, audio and video recordings, production services and sales of intellectual works, physically or online. You can contact us if you are interested to organize any of the above in our venue.


A/C (cooling – heating) / waiting room for artists / event room with focal lighting / hi end grand piano Steinway & Sons / HD audio & video recording equipment / library of 500 titles / artistic exhibitions room with white panels (40 sq.) and focal lighting / art shop / logistics and computerization in house / services of artistic events.

Dear visitors / friends of  AN ART ARTISTRY,

we invite you to browse our site and to discover many interesting events, recitals, seminars, partnerships, sponsorships, artists, competitions, media and more. This fact proves that the hypothesis  “AN (If)”, as expressed in the first part of our name, finds its response, following our work, from 2012 until today.

Art can brings us to a balance with the world around us, but this balance can not remain permanent even in the most sophisticated society, then this idea suggests that Art was not only necessary in the past, but that there will always be a human need.

There is something in Art that expresses an unchanging truth, that of “wonder” with the world around us. To solve this “question” only new hypothesis can be done …

We often realize the size of the talent around us. But as the findings are not enough, we believe that the people of the Arts have a proportion of responsibility for the preservation, promotion and development of Arts and, by extension, of Culture. In this context, in recent years, we:

  • organized over 200 artistic events, recitals, seminars, conferences, audio and video recordings (documentaries, small movies etc.), press conferences, art exhibitions, books and CD presentations, operas, a national musicological conference,
  • invited artists – teachers from Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Russia, U.S.A.,
  • organized first national and international performances of new musical works and international composition competitions (for piano and for guitar),
  • granted concerts for prominent young musicians under the events cycle “AN ART ARTISTRY raising artists”, in cooperation with national competitions,
  • established monetary donations to public welfare – charitable purposes,
  • organized more than 40 concerts – recitals with free admission,
  • produced new albums under the AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS label,
  • have being awarded with the “GINA BACHAUER 2014” award, as a cultural entity in Athens, for the quality and originality of our activities.

We promote the cultivation of business values ​​through Culture, the positive correlation with the Arts to and from all involved parties, the need to promote artistic issues from the media, the moral satisfaction of promoting Culture and Social Responsibility, the provision of practical help & opportunities to prominent young artists. The above successful actions, justify us, empower us, give us moral satisfaction and lead us with determination and strong will in the aftermath of our undertaking.

That’s why we thank all our partners, the artists who trust us, our sponsors and all of you, our audience, our friends, supporting us and giving meaning and life to what we do.

AN ART ARTISTRY: A unique venue of Culture & Arts in the historic center of Athens, in a magnificent neoclassical building with beautiful aesthetics, a few hundred meters from the ancient agora. A place for gathering, teaching, quality entertainment and artistic “fermentation”. Let’s open the artistic Aeolus Sacks and let them take us away! We are waiting for you!

Dimitris Anousis
Founder & artistic director of AN ART ARTISTRY, pianist, composer