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The new independent record label of classical music, AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS was created in 2016 as a natural extension of the company’s AN ART ARTISTRY cultural activities & artistic productions services.

Our productions relate solo classical instruments and voices, small chamber music ensembles and electronic music.

The repertoire consists of famous classical masterpieces and selected modern literary compositions, with a strong focus on rare and unknown works and composers (older and contemporary) which have not been recorded again in the past.

Integrated production solutions of AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS, with control and expertise in all stages of production, from the initial research and choice of repertoire and performers, the recordings, the mastering, the graphic design, the musicological research and documentation, the digital and physical distribution and the final presentation of the albums, makes it an amazing new musical proposal that should not be missed.σετε.

AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS – Discovering musical diamonds!