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Smaro Gregoriadou Plays Nikos Athanassakis Sequences

Original contemporary compositions for solo guitar by an extraordinary world-class guitarist.

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About this album

Nikos Athanassakis

What would ever be more important and honoring for a composer than to have his works interpreted and recorded by Smaro Gregoriadou, an extraordinary world-class soloist of classic guitar. A suite in five movements, “Elxis”, meaning magnetism in Greek, reflects a “…very individual…” harmony work, as commented in Classical Guitar Magazine, summer 2015. The other works are also created in the same spirit. That is, having a need for special works and for a personal style to be expressed. A suite of Greek dances, dedicated to Smaro. A sonata in three parts, a suite of nocturnes and the suite “Ειρήνη” (Eirini) for the woman of my life. A musical idiom for every single letter of her name. An etude, a tremolo, a waltz, a tango, a ballad, and a salsa, written with gratitude. I dedicate this album to my muse Eirini Polydorou, to my teacher Giorgos Bisbikopoulos and , of course, to Smaro Gregoriadou. I bow to her talent, artistry, skill, sensitivity and musical perception. I’m Grateful!

Nikos Athanassakis is a classical guitarist, composer and songwriter. He holds a classical guitar diploma and diplomas in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition, awarded by Giorgos Bisbikopoulos. He has composed chamber, solo, theatre and film music. Published by the companies NAXOS Records, Phasma Music, AN ART ARTISTRY RECORDS, Ammos Music, Foka +Negra Music and Les Productions D’ Oz.

Smaro Gregoriadou –

Greek guitar soloist and composer Smaro Gregoriadou attempts a redefinition of the classical guitar’s sound and technique, through her innovative “Reinventing guitar!” approach on interpretation, exploiting Kertsopoulos Aesthetics platform of inventions. Her work has generated enthusiastic response worldwide. As the eminent American critic R.Tuttle put it: “Gregoriadou evokes musicians such as Horowitz, Gould and Landowska in her willingness and need to find a new way to reanimate the music, without letting innovation become an end in itself.” (Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2012)

Smaro has studied with distinguished specialists of our time, including pianist-conductor G. Hadjinikos; guitarists G. Kertsopoulos, J. Castro-Balbi, P. Galbraith and R. Aussel; composers G. Sioras, Th. Antoniou and D. Konstandinidis. She has been awarded a Senior Exhibitioner Scholarship to continue her postgraduate guitar studies with C. Bonnel at the Royal College of Music, London. She won numerous international music awards both for composition and solo guitar interpretation, appeared as soloist in Europe, Russia, Canada, the USA and Australia, and collaborated with major orchestras and chamber music groups worldwide. Her compositions have been commissioned and premiered by important artistic institutions and ensembles. She is a member of the Greek Composers Union. She conducts solo and ensemble classical guitar workshops titled “Inclusive Interpretation and Functional Technique.” She is a recording artist of the American label DELOS.

“Working with the music for guitar of N. Athanassakis has been an exciting journey for me. Many times I felt challenged by this music’s sheer virtuosity, compositional versatility and pureness of meaning; also by the composer’s ability to transform such fundamental material as a chromatic baseline, an elemental harmonic pattern or a primordial dance figure, into a powerful and vibrant creation. I am honored to perform the world premieres of these brilliant works, and truly hope they get the place they deserve into the classical guitar world.”

Full track listing

(1 – 5). “Elxis” Suite
i. Andante Allargando (2:11)
ii. Larghetto Romantico (1:11)
iii. Presto (1:04)
iv. Lento (1:00)
v. Allegro (1:19)

(6-8). Guitar Sonata No. 1
i. Andante Con Spirito (4:22)
ii. Larghetto Espressivo (3:19)
iii. Allegro Assai (3:25)

(9-11). 3 Nocturnes
i. Nocturne no. 1 (1:09)

ii. Nocturne no. 2 (1:11)
iii. Nocturne no. 3 (1:48)

(12-17. “E.I.R.I.N.I.” Suite
(Dedicated to Eirini Polydorou, entitled on the letters of her name)
i. “E” – Etude (1:23)
ii. “I” – Tremolo (3:18)
iii. “R” – Waltz (2:03)
iv. “I” – Tango (2:12)
v. “N” – Ballad (2:01)
vi. “I” – Salsa (4:05)

(18-20). Greek Dances Suite
(Dedicated to Smaro Gregoriadou)
i. Kalamatianos (3:54)
ii. Tsamikos (2:51)

iii. Ballos (2:56)

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