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Arkomanis, George (Tristan)

George Arkomanis

Magician – Composer – Conductor

Award-winning artist George Arkomanis (Tristan) is one of the most distinguished and talented people, in the field of art & entertainment.

His unique capacity as a magician, composer and conductor, has made the legendary magician Michael Ammar, attribute to him the nickname “The Maestro Magician”.

He has made plenty of appearances in top theatres, on TV & radio shows, hotels, concert halls, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, event rooms, homes etc. (Hilton Hotel, MTV, Grand Hyatt, National Geographic, National Opera and others).

Also, he has undertaken the promotion, presentation and advertisement of several products, creating innovative “magic” ideas for the most prestigious companies (Coca Cola, La Prairie, Wella, HP and more).

His amazing shows are a unique spectacle, where magic, music, speech and movement blend together and compose a new – exciting area of expression and meaning.

Through impressive illusions, brilliant mind games, virtuosic sleight of hand demonstrations & original music, Tristan immerses spectators into a world, full of mystery, suspense, humor and feeling!

Andrade, Juan Pablo
I.M.D.A. (A.S.M.A.)