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I.M.D.A. (A.S.M.A.)

I.M.D.A. (A.S.M.A.)

Ι.M.D.A. (A.S.M.A in Greek)

Independent Music Development Association

The Independent Music Development Association is a result of a long-standing coexistence and communication of its members new composers, musicians and students who are for years active in the education and creation of music. Its operation began unofficially upon the formation of its chamber orchestra in 2000, and the association was officially established in 2002 as an independent nonprofit association.

I.M.D.A. was born out of a need for personal expression and creation and aims to promote mainly the works of Greek composers (new and older) through the formation of ensembles, concert presentations, and cooperation with various art and culture organizations.

At the same time, it wishes to contribute to the country’s music education and ameliorate its shortcomings through seminars and meetings, theoretical text and book writing and, generally, through the training and support of its members and friends.

In this context, the association has organized theory training seminars with significant teachers like George Zervos, George Fitsioris, Antonios Antonopoulos, Nikos Kariotis, Kriton Barlas.

During its fifteen-year activity, the association has successfully organized numerous concerts with premieres of new composers’ original works and works of students in composition, as well as works from the Greek and international contemporary repertoire.



Arkomanis, George (Tristan)
Conductors, Composers
Georgaki, Miranda