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Balabini, Georgia

Balabini, Georgia

Georgia Balabini

Georgia Balabini studied classical song-opera techniques in the Atheneum Conservatory, under the instruction of professor Athanasia Bezougli, from which she graduated with honors and a state prize. She completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.

She has participated as an active member in numerous master-classes interpretations of Opera, oratorio-Lied as well as technical and Jazz improvisations and oriental scales, technique and interpretation in Istanbul, where she thoroughly studied and poured over Rebetika and Amane. She was a temporary member of the choir of the National Opera and an ERT member of the ensemble and Semi-WHOLE of the Music Hall under the baton of Maestro A. Symeonidis. She has participated in many festivals, mostly Jazz, both in Greece and abroad (Dresden Jazz Festival).

In the recent years she has been engaged in a permanent cooperation with the Greek avant garde composer Sofia Koumpli in recordings for soundtracks and music video art productions, in Paris and in London and with the composer, arranger and jazz pianist George Dousis in jazz performances in various music scenes in Athens.

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