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CCTCP 2015

CC “The contemporary piano” (2015)

Composition competition “The contemporary piano” (2015)

AN ART ARTISTRY – Cultural Centre – Cultural Activities & Artistic Productions Services (Monis Asteriou 4, Athens)
210 3220082 (Mon-Fri, 14:00-17:00) /


Subject: Compositions that use contemporary techniques, for piano or piano with electronics, duration 5 to 7 minutes.

Description: The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria are musical and no extra-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas etc will be taken into account. The only examined quality will be the text itself. Unpublished works or works that have been performed previously and won competitions in the past may be submitted. All the submitted works must be in the public domain.

Registration fee: The registration fee is €35,00 per work / submission, paid through bank transfer.

Submissions: Submissions are to be made until February 25, 2015 electronically to including at the same email: i. An unmarked and unnamed PDF (sheet music) of a work (composition) for piano or piano with electronics, duration 5 to 7 minutes. | ii. If it’s a work for piano with electronics (pre recorded sound etc), then the audio file as .mp3 or any other downloadable format. | iii. A separate file (PDF, RAR, ZIP etc) with a printout of the registration payment (bank receipt), the details of the composer (name, age, address, tel. etc), a CV (biografical notes) and a good foto of the composer.

Committee – selection: The committee will consist of distinguished pianists and composers. Would meet in March 2015 and will select by voting four works based on their musical quality rather than the degree of difficulty or other criteria. The committee’s decision is final, but answers with comments of the committee will be sent to all composers who will participate.

Prize – recording: The four winning works will receive:
i. Audio & video recording and a live presentation of the compositions, to be held in a piano recital and composition workshop (at 26.04.2015 – 20:30 at AN ART ARTISTRY) on the modern piano, with the distinguished composer, soloist, piano and composition professor Dr. Panayiotis Demopoulos, who will perform the four works.
ii. The recordings will uploaded on AN ART ARTISTRY’s YOUTUBE channel.
iii. A page in site will be created for each of the four winning works – composers with a presentation of the four works. The four winners will have to submit (send by mail) a text for their work by end of March 2015.



 The committee of the composition competition “The contemporary piano” after the examination and the study of all of the submissions has decided unanimously and in accordance with the musical quality of the submitted works, that 2 of 10 submissions involving a total are distinguished and gets the prize – recording. The two winning works are:

The work for solo piano “Reithron” by Dimitrios Stavrou (2015)

The work for solo piano “2 + 3” by Athanasia Kontou (2015)

Our warmest congratulations to the two winners!


1+1 piano 4 hands 25/10/2014
Piano, Chamber music
ICC "The contemporary piano" (2016)