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Paterniti, C.

Paterniti, Christian


Christian Paterniti

Honorable mention to the ICC “The contemporary piano 2019”
for his work for solo piano “Preludio, siciliana e finale”

Christian Paterniti graduated in piano with top marks and honours under the guidance of Caterina del Campo at the Arcangelo Corelli Conservatoire in Messina.

In the same institution, in the class of Gaetano Indaco, he obtained the superior academic diploma in piano with highest grades, honours, honorable mention and recommendation to publish his dissertation, which contains the entire translation from French to Italian of the pioneering Traité historique d’analisé harmonique (1982) by the composer and musicologist Jacques Chailley.

In 2009 he has started to study composition under the guidance of Carmelo Chillemi. Parallel to academic education, he attended masterclasses and studied with eminent masters like Leonid Margarius, Gaetano Indaco, Vincenzo Pavone, Giuseppe Andaloro, Federico Gianello, Giuseppe Gullotta, Mattia Ometto, Georgi Mundrov, Maria Federica Righini, Pierluigi Camicia, Roberto Cappello, Leslie Howard. In July 2016 he took part in a seminar held by the Oscar winner John Corigliano on music architecture.

From a very young age he appeared in several musical events and in concert seasons of the Messina Conservatory. He won first prizes in chamber music (Gewa Young Contest 2017), piano (19° Concorso Nazionale “Città di Barcellona P.G.”), composition competitions (16° Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione e Composizione “Don V. Vitti”, 20° Concorso Nazionale “Città di Barcellona P.G.”, IX International Music Compatiton “Amigdala”) and call for scores (Parma Recordings Spring 2019). He performed as a solo pianist and accompanist (e.g. with flautist Stefano Parrino and director José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana) as well as a solo organist and accompanist. Furthermore he played in chamber orchestras, band formations and other ensembles.

His composition works and musical essays are respectively published by Florestano Edizioni and MD Edizioni. His music was performed at the Vittorio Emanuele II theater in Messina and in Galati Mamertino during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Salvatore Quasimodo’s death. From 2015 to 2017 he was Professor of Practice and piano Reading at the Accademia Musicale Nebroidea.

Honorable mention composition for solo piano “Preludio, siciliana e finale”

This composition is dedicated and inspired by the poem “Lettera alla madre” of the Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo. The music follows the sweetness and delicacy of the poetic composition.

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