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Harkoftaki, E.

Harkoftaki, Evelina


Evelina Harkoftaki

Honorable mention to the ICC “The contemporary piano 2019”
for her work for piano 4 hands “Peripatos stin Halandriani”

Evelina Harkoftaki works as a clarinetist, orchestrator, and editor of music publications. She has studied piano, advanced music theory, conducting, and clarinet.

As a clarinetist, she has collaborated with the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Cyclades, the Hellenic Music Centre Orchestra, and other ensembles.

She has also collaborated with singers Manolis Mitsias, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, and Maria Farantouri; with composers/songwriters Nikos Kypourgos and George Theofanous; with singers/songwriters Alkinoos Ioannidis and Nikos Portokaloglou; and with members of the Greek National Opera Orchestra and the Athens State Orchestra.

Evelina has appeared in such venues as Megaron–The Athens Concert Hall, the Odeum of Herodes Atticus, the Parnassos Hall, the Apollo Theatre of Syros, and the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. She has also participated as an actress-clarinetist in commercials and television series in Greece and abroad.

She has received awards at the following events: in 2018, at the 4th Panhellenic Wind Instruments Competition, organized by the Club of Arts, Letters and Sciences of Greece for UNESCO; in 2019, at the 2nd Panhellenic Clarinet Contest, organized by Art Magazine; in the same year, her composition for piano four-hands ‘A Walk in Chalandriani’ won a prize at the International Composition Competition ‘The Contemporary Piano’, organized by An Art Artistry.

At the same time, she is pursuing a singing career, making appearances as a chorus member as well as a soloist. Her first discographic collaboration was released in 2018.

Honorable mention to the ICCTCP 2019, composition for piano 4 hands “Peripatos stin Halandriani”

“Peripatos stin Halandriani”

Paterniti, Christian
ICC “The contemporary piano” (2020)