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Gregoriadou, Smaro

Smaro Gregoriadou

Guitar – composition

Greek guitar soloist and composer Smaro Gregoriadou attempts a redefinition of the classical guitar’s sound and technique through the “Reinventing guitar!” project that she introduced in 2009, based on Kertsopoulos Aesthetics platform of inventions. Her innovative artistic and pedagogical approach has generated enthusiastic response worldwide.

Following several years’ research on the essence of the musical phenomenon in composition and solo guitar interpretation, Smaro Gregoriadou has studied with many distinguished and inspiring specialists of our time, including pianist-conductor George Hadjinikos, guitarists George Kertsopoulos, Jesus Castro-Balbi, Paul Galbraith and Roberto Aussel also composers George Sioras, Theodore Antoniou and Dinos Konstandinidis. She has been awarded a Senior Exhibitioner Scholarship to continue her postgraduate classical guitar studies with Carlos Bonnel at the Royal College of Music, London. She won numerous international music awards both for composition and solo guitar interpretation, which have enabled her to present her work in Europe, Canada and the USA – and to appear as soloist with major Greek and other orchestras abroad, as well as chamber music groups. Her compositions have been premiered by ALEA III (Boston), Ensemble Octandre (Bologna), Helsinki Chamber Ensemble, and commissioned by several artistic institutions including Biennale Rome and the Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum.

Today she devotes her time mainly to solo guitar performance, music composition and teaching – as well as conducting classical guitar workshops and multi-disciplinary artistic projects in Greece and abroad. She is a founding member of Choriamvos Theatre Company, a creative platform for research into and presentation of the ancient Greek drama’s musical form, essence and identity. She is member of the Greek ISCM (Greek Composers Union).

Her first CD, Smaro Gregoriadou: reinventing guitar! (DE 3398) was released in 2009 by Delos, and has been highly acclaimed. Guitar International Magazine publishes her article series “Issues on Classical Guitar Interpretation.” Her composition “Balkan Dances for solo guitar” was published in 2011 by Brandon Music Ltd.


“The sound is fascinating, the playing is exemplary… the sounds of the three guitars grip the listener throughout.
A guitar recital I would not have liked to have missed…” Classical guitar, UK

“A world-class guitarist and musician…” Classical Music Sentinel, Canada

“A guitar edition that changes the flow of the history of the guitar… the recording masterwork of the decade”. Jazz & Jazz, Greece

“A glimpse into the future acoustic possibilities of the guitar…” Contrapuntist, USA

“Performances much finer than competent, an excellent grasp of the works’ architecture”. AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, USA

“An authentic phantasmagoria of timbre, an uninterrupted musical flow, dense, smooth and vital”. MUSICA, Italy

“A fascinating CD for any classical music enthusiasts, a definite must-have for any serious classical guitar fans”. CLASSICAL MUSIC SENTINEL, Canada

“Heartily recommended for its exciting approach to Bach, Scarlatti and modern music”. FANFARE, USA

“The essence of the word ‘reinventing’, many virtues that exhibit the sound possibilities of the guitar at their very best”. DIFONO, Greece

“An ambitious album title, well justified”. CLASSICAL MUSIC MAGAZINE, UK

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