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ICC “The contemporary piano” (2019)

International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2019)

See about the previous Composition competition “The contemporary piano” | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

AN ART ARTISTRY – Cultural Centre – Cultural Activities & Artistic Productions Services
(Monis Asteriou 4, Athens) 210 3220082 (Mon-Fri, 14:00-17:00) / E-mail:


Subject: Modern compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria are musical and no extra-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas etc will be taken into account. The only examined quality will be the text itself. Unpublished works & works that have been performed previously and won competitions in the past may be submitted.

Registration fee: The registration fee is €45,00 per work / submission, paid through bank account transfer (In the grounds, provide name and deposit reason). All transfer and bank charges will be covered by the applicants.

Submissions: Submissions are to be made until Sunday March 31, 2019 electronically to including at the same email:
i. An unmarked and unnamed PDF (sheet music) of a work (composition) for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes, and an audio demo of that work (ex. midi, mp3 etc., regardless of quality).
ii. A separate file (PDF, RAR, ZIP etc) with a printout of the registration payment (bank or PayPal receipt), the details of the composer (name, age, address, telephone, email, etc), biografical notes, a good foto of the composer, title and a text of the submitted work.

Committee – selection: The committee will consist of distinguished pianists and composers. Will meet in April 2019 and will select by voting up to four (4) “prize winning” works and up to four (4) “honorable mention” works, based on their musical quality rather than the degree of difficulty or other criteria. The committee’s decision is final.

The prize winning works (up to 4) will receive:
1. Official diploma.
2. Audio & video recording by distinguished pianists – members of the committee, of the highest production quality.
3. The recordings will be uploaded and presented at AN ART ARTISTRY’s YOUTUBE channel, sites, social media pages, newsletters etc.
4. A page in site will be created for each one of the winning works – composers with a presentation of the works.

The honorable mention works (up to 4) will receive:
1. Official diploma.
2. A page in site will be created for each one of the honorable mention works.


AN ART ARTISTRY has organized (for 5th time) the International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2019). The submissions to the competition has ended March 31, 2019. The competition’s subject was modern compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes, and it was open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria where only musical and no non-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas has been taken into account. The only examined quality was the music text itself.

A total of 37 compositions where submitted from 12 countries (U.S.A., Greece, Malaysia, Canada, Korea, Italy, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, UK, France), which came to the judgment of the committee, consisting of:


The committee after carefully studied the submitted works, awards:

Prize toί Mari Kotskyy (U.S.A.) for her work for solo piano Snowfall with identifier 1756

Prize to Ivan Lazorin (Russia) for his work for solo piano 2 Pieces from “Puppet show” with identifier 2289

Prize to Philippe Mathis (Switzerland) for his work for solo piano “The ugly duckling (Toccatina)” with identifier 4127


Honorable mention to Darren Wirth (U.S.A.) for his work for solo piano “Etude” with identifier 2744

Honorable mention to Christian Paterniti (Italy) for his work for solo piano “Preludio, siciliana e finale” with identifier 3212

Honorable mention to Evelina Harkoftaki (Greece) for her work for piano 4 hands “Peripatos stin Halandriani” with identifier 3736

Next, with downgrade ranking were the works:
2611, 3141, 3633, 4512, 1396, 2317,
3998, 1173, 1416, 2451, 2567, 2893,
2981, 3054, 3564, 3842, 4231, 4454,
1068, 1251, 1543, 1688, 1854, 1967,
2088, 2123, 3346, 3429, 4055, 4367, 4699

Pianists – members of the committee will record (audio & video) the 3 prize winning works.
The works will be presented in a high quality AN ART ARTISTRY production, as described in the rules of the competition, until the end of the year (2019).

Our warmest congratulations to the winners!
AN ART ARTISTRY, Athens May 4th, 2019


The winners

The works


All comments are transferred unchanged, and express the opinions of the committee members. In no way they reflect the view – opinion or any kind of official statement of AN ART ARTISTRY.

A contemporary composer, has at his disposal many musical “tools” – means (historical knowledge, special techniques, harmonic languages, idioms, effects, etc.). These are largely encoded and their purpose is to help composers to better express their ideas. They are by no means an end in itself or some kind of “prescription”. Moreover, it does not mean that because there are so many, they should be used in a composition. What we have observed is a self-limitation of many of the composers. The tools are there to use them and not the other way around. The way of using them is of course at your fingertips.

1068 Interesting use of the motifs.

1173 Α cute and sensitive work. Interesting resonances that reminded me of Debussy.

A beautiful work that leaves room for interpretation, while giving the context.

1251  I found interesting the polyphonic thought of the composer.

1396 I found interesting the ostinati in the high register of the piano.

1416 Attractive musical content. There should be more clarity in the interpretative instructions.

1543 Interesting ideas. I found very demanding the notes of the composer in measures 40-76.

1688 A cute work that really resembles ducks.

1756 Excellent ideas, interesting contrasts. Perhaps the composer thought of lengthening the final part of the work. Nevertheless excellent.

Beautiful piano piece. Nice fitting title. The constant movement, nice harmonies, interesting rhythmic development and big climax before the finale give this piece a very pleasant sound and a very nice feeling to the listener. Very well written music score.

1854 Nice ideas. I was troubled by the change from triplets to sixteenths notes at measures 36-41 and 44-49.

1967 Interesting ideas. They are just too many. (In my view, the alternation of rhythmic patterns, rhythms, measures, metronomic indications must have reason to exist when they serve an organical purpose in the flow of music, synthetic homogeneous, etc.).

2123 Sweet work. I think it would help a different writing of the melody line with the 10ths.

2289 Excellent work!

Very interesting work in terms of development and creativity. Keeping the energy throughout manages to be a live piece for the audience giving the listener reasons to be set to listen to the rest of the piece. Very smart short duration of each part as it could be tiring because of its big energy. In the first part highlights are the use of the minim pause in the first two measures as well as the changes of rhythmic motifs. In the second part highlights are again the very-well-used pauses that give with the 2/4-time signature, a great combination for such a fast piece. Very well written music score.

2317 I could not make sense of the course of music.

2611 Less is more! Well done!

2744 Nice piano study. Interested putted music themes in middle voices. Nice climax.

Sensitive development with musical meaning.

2893 Nice ideas, just too many.

3054 A very good composition in modern idiom !

3141 Very nice use of tremoli.

Excellent compositions with multidimensional processing.

3212 Composition with musicality & pianistic thinking.

3346 Nice ideas, just too many.

3564 Balanced composition as a whole, as well as its individual parts.

3633 Very nice piece with very fitting title as it gives an outlandish feeling somehow when you listen to it. Nicely written for the pianist. Nice harmonic varieties and well written music score.

3736 A beautiful Greek color diffused in a 4-handed composition characterized by intense writing density.

Lovely music, which needs extra interpretive guidance.

3998 Interesting work & very good score.

4127 Very nice use of material, thematic homogeneity, music economy!

Impressive piece with lot of energy and interesting music themes. Smart use of repeated notes/chords sometimes tiring though. Very well written music score.

4231 Very nice use of material, thematic homogeneity, music economy!

4512 Beautiful sweet piece with interesting but familiar harmonic sequence. Nice development throughout and use of obvious music form which makes the piece well-structured and ideally developing. Unconventional title, nice fitted. Very interesting and even non expected climax just before the finale. Well written music score, a bit poor in indications of articulation and dynamics though.

Ochirov, Ludub
T. Papadimitrakopoulou PMC 2018 - 2019
Seminars, Piano