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ICC “The contemporary piano” (2020)

International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2020)

See about the previous Composition competition “The contemporary piano” | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

AN ART ARTISTRY – Cultural Centre – Cultural Activities & Artistic Productions Services
(Monis Asteriou 4, Athens) 210 3220082 (Mon-Fri, 14:00-17:00) / E-mail:


Description: Modern compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria are musical and no extra-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas etc will be taken into account. The only examined quality will be the text itself. Unpublished works & works that have been performed previously and won competitions in the past may be submitted.

Registration fee: The registration fee is €45,00 per work / submission.
(In the grounds, provide name and deposit reason). All transfer and bank charges will be covered by the applicants.

Submissions: Submissions are to be made until March 31, 2020 electronically to including at the same email:
i. An unmarked and unnamed PDF (sheet music) of a work (composition) for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes, and an audio demo of that work (ex. midi, mp3 etc., regardless of quality).
ii. The registration form to the competition completed and signed.
iii. A separate file (PDF, RAR etc) with a printout of the registration payment (bank or PayPal receipt), bio and a good foto of the composer and a text for the submitted work.

Committee – selection: The committee will consist of distinguished pianists and composers. Will meet in April 2020 and will select by voting up to four (4) “prize winning” works and up to four (4) “honorary award” (up to 4 works) works, based on their musical quality rather than the degree of difficulty or other criteria. The committee’s decision is final.

Prize winning works (up to 4) will receive:
1. Official diploma. | 2. Audio & video recording by distinguished pianists – members of the committee, of the highest production quality. | 3. The recordings will be uploaded and presented at AN ART ARTISTRY’s YOUTUBE channel, sites, social media pages, newsletters etc. | 4. A page in site will be created for each one of the prize winning works – composers.
Honorary awards (up to 4 works) will receive:
1. Official diploma. | 2. A page in site will be created for each one of the honorary awarded works – composers.


AN ART ARTISTRY is organizing for 6th time the International Composition Competition “The contemporary piano” (2020). The competition’s subject is contemporary compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration 3 to 5 minutes, and it is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria where only musical and no non-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas has been taken into account. The only examined quality was the music text itself. Hundreds of composers from 60 countries around the world have participated in the previous editions of the competition. The winning works have gave us high quality compositional samples of contemporary piano works. You can find all the prize winning works on the pages of the previous competitions. The compositions are put at the discretion of the committee consisting of:


The committee after carefully studied the submitted works, awards:

Prize to Roman Falkenstein (Latvia) for his work for solo piano “Three Evening Moods” with identifier 2361

Prize to Sevan Gharibian (Armenia) for his work for solo piano “Three Færies” with identifier 4131

Prize to Tanya Vegvary (U.S.A.) for her work for solo piano “Geary Street” with identifier 3971
Honorable mention to Apostolos Siokis (Greece) for his work for solo piano “3 piano miniatures” with identifier 1843

Honorable mention to Mickael Luis (Belgium) for his work for solo piano “Εlective Affinities” with identifier 2751

Honorable mention to Andrea Mattevi (Italy) for his work for solo piano “petali di un haiku” with identifier 2981

Honorable mention to William Geiler (U.S.A.) for his work for solo piano “Desert Flowers” with identifier 5062
Next, with downgrade ranking were the works:
3864, 3561, 1634, 2876, 4327, 1571,
1796, 3158, 3265, 4523, 4957, 1144,
2644, 3046, 3427, 1231, 1355, 1499,
2133, 2048, 1967, 2257, 2519, 2476,
3725, 3319, 3684, 4023, 4246, 4481,
4845, 4733, 4694.

Pianists – members of the committee will record (audio & video) the 3 prize winning works.The works will be presented in
a high quality AN ART ARTISTRY production, as described in the rules of the competition, until the end of the year (2020).

Our warmest congratulations to the winners!
AN ART ARTISTRY Athens April 29th, 2020


The winners

The works


All comments are transferred unchanged, and express the opinions of the committee members. In no way they reflect the view – opinion or any kind of official statement of  AN ART ARTISTRY. A contemporary composer, has at his disposal many musical “tools” – means (historical knowledge, special techniques, harmonic languages, idioms, effects, etc.). These are largely encoded and their purpose is to help composers to better express their ideas. They are by no means an end in itself or some kind of “prescription”. Moreover, it does not mean that because there are so many, they should be used in a composition. What we have observed is a self-limitation of many of the composers. The tools are there to use them and not the other way around. The way of using them is of course at your fingertips.

1144 Nice writting for piano 4 hands. Bravo!

1231 Paranoia! The content is consistent with the title of the piece.

1355 A song without words.

1499 Fugue!

1571 Very thoughtful composition with enjoyable score!

Very interesting work. Nice writing. I appreciate the measured “freedom” that leaves to the interpreter – performer.

1634 Very nice piece with beautiful changes in the sound and nice climax and anticlimax at the end.

The “program” of this music is very interesting.

1796 Interesting, well-written and coherent work.

1843 Interesting is the use of hexatonic-alltonic scale. I liked the 3rd miniature very much.

Inspired, with clear themes and processing that makes all three small pieces solid. Three extremely well-crafted short stories with a beginning, middle and end, where they create the mood for you to watch the development throughout their duration. A job with a lot of thought. A repertoire work. Congratulations!

1967 I found very interesting the use of the rhythmic patterns and measures by the composer.

2133 Nice pace!

2257 Nice theme, although I didn’t understand why it is written for piano 4 hands. I think it could have been written for solo piano.

2361 Three miniatures in different style each but with one common element: beauty through simplicity. Simple harmonies very well structured in a nice and fitting title which represent more than well the whole feeling. Clear use of melodic lines and a very well-prepared score.

Inventive work with good development of the themes, homogeneity and good piano writing.

A work with a deep essence, especially in the first two parts. A work worthy of praise.

2519 Impressive work, although perhaps it could be written more conveniently for the performer – pianist.

2644 Very interesting ideas! Could be really one of the winning pieces if there was a more concerned score and less monotony for the ears.

2751 A work with substantive connotations! The score is clear and balanced.

I found the atmosphere of the first part interesting.

A work which, while not surprising you, stands out with its overall quality, its thinking and especially the careful frasing.

2876 Excellent composition with musicality where mature processing is combined with a playful mood!

2981 Nice processing and score planning!

3046 Very dynamic and full of energy piece with exceptional use of rhythm and harmony.

3158 Nice theme. Long-stemmed growth. Dissonances.

3265 A traveling tarantella!

3427 The music text is really really attractive but it needs a little bit more interpretative directions.

Well done for the effort!

3561 Very special with a mood to convey the music through a modern thought. The fact that the well-written melodic lines and rhythmic patterns are “repeated” diligently gives us a continuous and substantial image that ultimately wins us over.

3684 Well done for the effort!

3864 Very demanding (mainly in rhythm) work and a pleasant challenge for the performers as they must be extremely accurate in being together and at the same time being able to express nicely the Latin feeling of the piece. Would be useful if there was an indication for the “hitting” part on the piano so the pianists knew where exactly to do it.

Rhythmically interesting.

A beautiful latin colored composition for piano 4 hands characterized by intense rythmic density.

3971 That is a brilliant piano piece. Very interesting use of chromatic intervals either as the main theme or as interludes between other themes of the piece. Strong structure and rich climax going to the bars 96-99 where is the big moment of the piece.

Nice work with homogeneity of material.

4131 Excellent work!

This piece of music has personality & character!

Three beautiful pieces with some quite unusual musical ideas in them but with lack of nice development.

Good use of the synthetic material. Originality in the themes, the development and the rhythmic processing.

4246 Well done for the effort!

4327 Great multidimensional structrure!

Very interesting sound colors!

4481 Great work with character, great for students!

4694 Work with a beautiful “program”.

4845 Beautiful theme. Work with many different elements.

4957 It could have been an improvisation on some given rhythmic patterns that don’t make you feel uncomfortable, even though the measures change very often. Through the well-crafted flow, it is possible to create a very special atmosphere, sophisticated in the good sense, without exaggeration.

5062 Beautiful piece with sweet melodies and nice development. Particularly good and pianistic writing in a very “clean” score. Using smartly modern harmonies having an interesting result for the listener but for the critic and analyst too.

Beautiful music! The text is delightful & mature!

A very good composition in modern idiom!

Harkoftaki, Evelina
Dimitris Anousis PMC 2019-2020 (postponed)
Seminars, Piano