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Kariotis, Nikos

Kariotis, Nikos

Nikos Kariotis

Composer, choir & orchestra director & professor of advanced music theory

He was born in Athens in 1958 and he is a composer, a choir and orchestra director and a professor of advanced music theory.

He started taking guitar lessons in 1975 with Olga Kalogriadou at the “National Conservatoire” and later at “Skalkotas Conservatoire”. In 1978 he has participated in an international seminar of classical guitar taught by the famous guitar player Oscar Guilia. In 1979 he was accepted by professor M. Travlos in his class of Advanced Music Theory. At the same time he studied music harmony – counterpoint – fugue and composition at “Skalkota’s Conservatoire” and later on, at “Modern Conservatoire of Athens”. He completed his studies in music composition with the highest degree. After his studies he participated in a two – year course of choral direction under the Hungarian Maestro M. Petran and the Greek choral Director A. Kontogeorgiou. In addition, he studied vocal techniques for three years with the famous Greek lyric tenor George Zervanos and by the same time he participated in seminars of orchestra direction under T. Magriotis and H. Boudouri. He has been a tactical student of Lefteris Halkiadakis in orchestra direction.

He has given guitar lessons for a long period of time and he has been teaching advanced music theory and composition in several Conservatoires since 1995. In 1985 he founded the choir art studio of Metamorphosis which was renamed in The Art studio choir ‘MARSYAS’. With the choir “MARSYAS” he has participated in many local, national and European festivals and choir competitions with many distinctions.

During 1987 – 1995 he was choir director of many conservatoires and since 1996 he is art collaborator of the “Greek Conservatoire” and art Director of “Sibelious Conservatoire» and of “Musical School Theorvy”. By the same time he has given courses of choir direction and Analysis at the “National Conservatoire“ in Chalandri and at the “Greek Conservatoire”. He has also organized six – month seminars for the music of the 20th century and he was the reviewer of the translation, for the Greek edition, of Kennan’s book “Counterpoint”. In addition to the Art Studio Choir “MARSYAS” he is directing three more choirs and the “A.S.M.A.” orchestra.


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