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Mickael Luis

Luis, Mickael

Mickael Luis

Honorable mention on the ICCTCP 2020 for his work “Εlective Affinities” for solo piano

Mickael Luis is a Swiss and Portuguese classical guitarist-composer. He started classical guitar studies with Alexandre Rodrigues and Miguel Charosky in the Geneva Conservatory. He initiated his professional studies and received his Bachelor attending the class of Dagoberto Linhares in Lausanne High School of Music (HEMU). He graduated and received his Master in June 2019 attending the class of Johan Fostier in the Netherlands (Fontys-School of fine and performing art).

He worked since few years with a contemporary dancer. They have a duet called “Cordes à Corps”. This duet explore the relationship between music and dance, composition and space, sound and movement. Some compositions as “Jeux de Hasard” was written for the duet.

He attented piano and composition class of Enrico Camponovo in Lausanne. From that time onward, he started to compose for guitar solo, piano solo, string quartet and string orchestra. Some compositions have been written and inspired by pictorial art, contemporary dance, tap dancing, based on the sense of smell and children’s books.

He has won three international composition competitions: Nordhorn Composition competition at the Nordhorn International Guitar festival (2019), Tbilisi International Classical Guitar Composition Competition (2019) and the First Grand Prize for piano solo at the Rodrigo Landa-Romero International Composition Competition with the piece “Water Walk” (2020).

“Elective Affinities” for solo piano

Belgian artist René Magritte is well known for his provocative and witty images that challenge our predetermined perceptions of reality. For this composition, I was inspired by an experience and painting of the author:

“One night, I woke up in a room in which a cage with a bird sleeping in it had been placed. A magnificent error caused me to see an egg in the cage, instead of the vanished bird. I then grasped a new and astonishing poetic secret” (Elective Affinities, Magritte, 1933).

Elective Affinities
I. Daydream. For the first movement, I wanted to represent this erroneous vision, this momentary disorder, a moment suspended in time: a daydream. I searched for an atmosphere of an ethereal character using the pedal Una corda. In order to amplify this blurred and inexplicable moment I wanted to use a single sustain pedal to create an affinity, a dialogue between the visible (the score) and the hidden (the resonances). The movement is slow (Largo) so that the performer enjoys the background caused by the sustain pedal.

II. Scherzo. The 2nd movement is dynamic and rhythmic. It represents the shock provoked by the awareness of the lapse of thought: the real connection between the two objects and our return to reality. A fast tempo, the return of the Tre corde and the non-use of the pedal is in opposition to the first movement. modality).

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