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Opera Posters 2012

AN ART ARTISTRY presents the permanent exhibition about a “side art form” of music, that of artistic creation as implemented through the posters of the great opera works of 19th century.

This is a very “neglected” art form that in many cases no one knows neither the names of the artists or when they created some of the “diamonds” which today considered to be classics.

Outstanding artists like Adolpho Hohenstein or Leopoldo Metlicovite created some of the most popular posters of their time. Indeed in the case of the first, titans of musical creation like Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, considered him to be essential in the production of large performances, as they did for the designers of scenery and costumes, for the advertisement and the success of their “new” -then- works.

Among these artists, is also the well known Henri de Toulouse – Lautrec with the characteristic figures that he “put” on paper for the cabaret “Moulin Rouge”, “Ambassadeurs”, for concert halls and “advertisements” of his time.

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