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Roman Falkenstein

Falkenstein, Roman

Roman Falkenstein (

Prize winner composer of the ICCTCP 2020  for his work “Three Evening Moods” for solo piano

Roman Falkenstein is a composer, arranger and music producer from Riga (Latvia). After graduating from a private studio in piano entered the Music Academy of Latvia, the Department of Percussion Instruments (teacher Vigo Rachevskis) and received a bachelor’s degree.

At the same time improved his playing skills on the drumset (with Talis Gzhibovskis) and percussions (studio “Afroambient” under the guidance of Nils Ile). Attending the lessons of composers Romualds Kalsons and Andris Vecumnieks he got knowledge of classical composition and instrumentation. He also studied film music in Berklee College of Music (instructor Jack Freeman).

Roman Falkenstein is a participant of 68 Cannes Film Festival (2015). Short film “Sapna Speks” (Dream Power) (director Daniels Joffe) was included to the “Short Film Corner” category. In 2015 nominated for the SABAM Award for Best Young Composer. Roman is a winner of London’s “Waterloo Festival 2014 Short Film Score Composition Competition”, as well as “Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition” 3rd place owner.

He regularly works with leading Latvian classical and pop-music performers.

“Three Evening Moods” for solo piano

Evening time has its own face and charm. This cycle of a three miniatures for piano solo reflects my emotions in this most sensitive part of the day.

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