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Sevan Gharibian

Gharibian, Sevan

Sevan Gharibian

Prize winner composer of the ICCTCP 2020 for his work “Three Færies” for solo piano

Sevan Gharibian is currently in his final year of studies at the Yerevan State Conservatory, having enrolled in the Bachelor’s programme in Composition by the age of sixteen. Having lived in Beirut, Paris, and his home city Yerevan, his professional music development path is now guided by prominent professors in Armenia, where he develops his creativity in composition with Prof. Vartan Adjemian, as well as practises the violin, plays a comprehensive piano repertoire, and acquires skills in orchestral conducting. Sevan has written a number of vocal, choral, instrumental, chamber, and orchestral works, some of which have already been published.

His compositions have received excellent feedback from musicologists and have been covered by the media. One such piece is Lustre , a triptych for baritone and piano, which has also won the first prize at the Renaissance International Music Competition and is regularly performed in concerts and festivals. His CEDARS quartet has recently been selected to be recorded by the Invoke Quartet. The nineteen-year-old composer’s works combine his multicultural experiences with modern and classical approaches, contributing to him creating a unique signature. Sevan believes in his envisioning role as an energetic advocate of contemporary music. He works towards taking a promising part in a great journey in the beaux-arts. In addition to his musicianship, he experiences the art of new-age learning while studying BSc in Management with Digital Innovation at the University of London.

“Three Færies” for solo piano

Three Færies is a piece for piano that consists of three contrasting attacca movements. The work is inspired by Greek and Armenian mythologies; each movement depicts and is dedicated to a færie (mythological creature). It features evocative scenes and characteristic descriptions, enlivened by a variety of textures and techniques, both performative and compositional (including, for instance, homophony, polyphony, monody, polyrhythm, polymetry, acoustics, harmonics, and modality).

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