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Seminars 2020 (Postponed)


AN ART ARTISTRY following the instructions of Ministry of Health for artistic and other venues,
libraries, etc. postpones all its public events – activities, until the conditions allow them to happen.


Seminars 2020: “The Musician – Artist – Composer in the 21st century”

What are the modern requirements of a musician? What does he need to know besides his special object? How to combine the properties of the performer, composer and manager, which tend to be necessary at the same time? A series of 6 seminars focusing on the contemporary requirements and needs of the “Musician, Artist and Composer”, in which will be presented, analyzed and examined the necessary cognitive tools that make up the profile of today’s integrated musician.


“Stage fright or performance anxiety & Remedy” (Sunday 22/12/2019)

Stress affects almost everyone at different moments of their lives, either when they need to make an important decision, or because of their profession. When a musician plays in public, he exposes his talent to the detailed -many times- judgment of the audience. Together with the pleasure that the musician feels when playing comes also … Examples of musicians with destructive anxiety too much … Are we going to face it? If so, how?

“Introduction to Music Analysis” (Sunday 26/1/2020)

We will refer to the main types of musical analysis and will show by example the classical morphological analysis of polyphonic and homophonic works, Schenkerian analysis and techniques, the micro- and macro- structure of the musical form, the functional harmony etc.ς, την λειτουργική αρμονία στη δομή ενός μουσικού έργου.

“Memorization of musical text” (Sunday 16/2/2020)

Liszt at the age of 14, played all the Bach preludes and fugues by memory and in different tones. Was it a special exception or could such a memory be achieved with the right method and a lot of work? We will analyze, present and discuss the multifaceted theme of memorizing a musical text that concerns all musicians, regardless of musical instrument.

“Art & Talent:
An historical & psychometrical approach,with emphasis on music.” (Sunday 15/3/2020)

Starting with basic concepts of Aesthetics, we will discuss Art, Artist, Talent and Artistic Creation, and give examples of biographies of artists and historians in an attempt to “psychometer” their biographical data and their work. Finally, we will draw useful conclusions about the “boundaries” of Art.

“Professional organization and promotion of new artists.
Introduction to artistic management.” (Sunday 26/4/2020)

What do you need to know? What NOT to do? How is an event organized? Entrepreneurship & Art; It is possible; Where do you start from? My advices …

“Musculoskeletal problems & musculoskeletal disorders,
prevention & treatment.” (Sunday 17/5/2020)

A typist makes about 200 moves a minute, while a violinist playing a work of J. S. Bach for solo violin, makes over 1,200! The way for a musician’s glow and glory usually passes through problems that affect the musculoskeletal system. Can we deal with them? How; Is there a way to prevent it? If so, who?

Theoni Papadimitrakopoulou (In topics: “Stress” – “Memory” – “Muscular problems”)
Pianist, professor of piano & theoretics, music educator,
programmer of AN ART ARTISTRY.

Dimitris Anousis (In topics: “Analysis” – “Art & Talent” – “Management”)
Pianist, composer, orchestrator, piano teacher & teacher of advanced theory,
director of AN ART ARTISTRY.

To whom they are addressed:
The seminars are addressed to students, graduates and professional musicians and teachers of all musical instruments and music theorists,
conductors, musicologists, composers, as well as trained amateur music lovers and anyone who wants to know more.
The seminars are in Greek language for Greece, if not otherwise indicated or previously arranged.

Where & When:
The seminars will take place at AN ART ARTISTRY, the dates indicated in the description of each seminar
and hours 11:00 – 16:00 (reasonable breaks are foreseen).

Notes & certifications:
There will be notes and certifications for each seminar separately.

To participate, complete the interest form you will below and send it to up to 15 before each seminar.
The seminars are conducted by completing five participations minimum (you will be notified on time).
Then, in order to be valid, all participations must be discounted through bank transfer or live-in with your previous visit to AN ART ARTISTRY.
(EUROBANK ΙΒΑΝ: GR3402603280000950101210083)

Participation fee:
€50.00 per person per seminar.

T. Papadimitrakopoulou PMC 2020 (postponed)
Seminars, Piano
Konstantinos Destounis Piano Master Class
Seminars, Piano