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T. Papadimitrakopoulou PMC 2018 – 2019

Piano master class 2018 – 2019 with the pianist, music & piano teacher Theoni Papadimitrakopoulou. The master class is addressed to students of all levels (from beginners to graduates). Fill in the participation form below and send it along with the proof of payment to up to 5 days before the date of each master class. All entries must be prepaid in order to be valid, to the following bank account:

EUROBANK ΙΒΑΝ: GR3402603280000950101210083 – Dimitris Anousis (In reasons, state your name and date of the master class ou wish to participate).
All transfer and bank charges must be covered by the applicants.

Cost: Active participants €50,00/hour. Certificates of participation will be given. For minors, they are allowed to join an escort.

Dates: SUN 13/1/2019, SUN 5/5/2019.

Hours: 11:00 – 15:00.


AN ART ARTISTRY – Monis Asteriou Tsagari 4, Athens (Plaka)
Tel.: (+30) 210 3220082 (Mon-Fri, 14:00-17:00) / E-mail:

ICC "The contemporary piano" (2019)
Dimitris Anousis PMC 2018-2019
Seminars, Piano