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Travlos, Michail

Travlos, Michail

Michail Travlos


Michail Travlos was born on 7th of July 1950 in Piraeus, Greece. He started his musical studies at Athens National Conservatory in 1970 with Michalis Vourtsis. In 1975 he was accepted to the Hochschule der Künste Berlin, where he studied composition with Isang Yun and orchestration with Witold Szalonek. He obtained his diploma in Music Composition in 1980.

He lives in Pireaus as an independent composer and professor of theory and composition. He taught at the Hellenic Conservatory (1980 – 1982), the Contemporary Conservatory (1987 – 1996) and at the “Nikos Skalkotas” Conservatory (1982 – 2014) where he was also artistic director (1989 – 2014).

From 2015 he teaches music theory and composition at the Nikolaos Mantzaros Conservatory in Athens and at the Conservatory of Modern Art in Anavissos.

He has written music for large and small ensembles, for solo instruments, as well as chamber opera and concertos for solo instruments and orchestra. His works have been performed in many countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Spain, England, the Netherlands.

His works were chosen twice by Gaudeamus Foundation to be performed in the International Gaudeamus Music Week in the Netherlands, in 1978 the work Seven Happenings for 8 players (1977) and in 1984 Motivic Variations for solo cello (1983), respectively. In 1985 the International Society of Contemporary Music, ISCM included his award winning orchestral work Prisma (1979-1980) for the International Music Days. His music is published by Ch. Nakas – C. Papagrigoriou Co. in Greece and TONOS- Musikverlage in Germany.

Τhe works of Michail Travlos have been recorded extensively and appear on a dozen CDs available on the European and US labels such as Ablaze, Lyra, Tar, Dna, El Culto/ClassXX and others.


1st Prize: International Composers’ Competition, Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) in Belgrade, for his work Eniwetock (1979).

1st Prize: International Composers’ Competition, in Stuttgart, for his string quartet Metathesis (1979).

Prince Pierre of Monaco Music Composition Award (Prince Pierre Foundation), for his orchestral work “Prisma” (1981).

Prize: Competition of Hellenic Ministry of Culture, for his orchestral work “Prisma” (1982).

Prize: Competition of Hellenic Ministry of Culture, for his string quartet Metathesis (1979).

Prize: Competition of the Municipality of Athens, for his ballet Adventures of Ulysses (1991).

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